Bites & Bateaters & Blogs....

Live and in person from The Reptile Zoo this morning and man what a day it has been already! My favorite mangrove snake, in the one really close to my face decided to take a bite of me today! Yikes!!!! I have video footage to follow but we are working on a few things right now so there's a tad bit of a delay.

By the way, I’m Savannah and I’m super excited to be here at The Reptile Zoo! I came a long way from Florida and all those alligators to get to Fountain Valley, California and hopefully we will have an alligator here soon too! Until then I’m going to spend my days playing with this Borneo Bateater named Benji, he's my new shop pet and I love him.

We have changed so much here in the past year and if you haven’t been down to see it you are for sure missing out! A clutch of chameleons hatched yesterday, a crested gecko laid her first two eggs yesterday, and Jay even let me pull my first clutch from a ball python momma this morning, it was so cool! We have video footage of that coming soon. I can’t wait til they hatch… who knew that working with reptiles could be so fun?

The more I am here the more I get to learn the personalities and eccentricities of the reptile world and I’m not just talking about the animals, it’s all so amazing! Everyone that works here has a specialty and a wealth of knowledge about things that I didn’t even know existed until recently, and I learn new things every day. Hopefully through this blog I can share some of the fun and experience with you guys!

Gotta run now, Greg's about to do a party and it's going to be fun, see you guys soon!

And now for the photos…………………..

at least he didnt bite me in the face... yet

but he did tag me in the hand

Benji the Borneo Bateater

Lunch time fun!

New Cresty Babies Soon!

Have fun at your Jurassic Party Greg!
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Admin United States, on 5/28/2010 12:48:41 AM Said:

Great post Savannah! Though I know what a Borneo Bateater is, can you explain to others how unique this is?  Keep up the good work!

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