BumbleBee v. Starscream

Hey Guys!

WE have 2 beautiful sulfur monitors here at The Reptile Zoo, well actually we have many more but we have 2 VIP monitors here and one is named BumbleBee ad one is named Starscream.  Now you might ask yourself if Jay is a big Transformer fan and the answer to that is no, at least I've never heard him talk about Transformers and he didnt' dress as Optimus Prime for halloween or anything so I'm guessing he's not into Transformers.  We, however, the staff here at The Reptile Zoo are kinda fans of the Transformers, especially the Dino-bots.... because they were the most awesome ever!

So we named this one monitor BumbleBee because he's sweet and nice and polite and pretty and friendly with the kids and never ever tries to bite us like Starscream does!  Starscream wants us all dead at all times, but he is an amazing breeder and BumbleBee is well, he's not so good at such things, he gets distracted very easily and has a hard time keeping on task.

We love them both!  They are such beauties, if you haven't had the chance to come by and see them yet, please make sure you do!  Until then here are some classic photos of Transformers and Monitors! (and Dinobots)

much love






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