BumbleBee's Backyard Adventure!

Hey guys!

I've missed you all very much!  I will admit I've missed my lizards and snakes more, but then again, I get to play with them all day and I only get to write to you all, but we are all still besties!   I like to try and keep you guys all up to date on the goings on around here and I havent been here for a few days but I hear there is video circulating within the store of a gigantic retic clutch that was pulled yesterday!  Of course there are no stills because I'm mostly the only still photographer left here, everyone else has joined the video movement, but I'm hoping the footage will surface sometime today so I can share it with you all!

In the meantime.......... here's what I've learned.

Bumblebee is my very favorite monitor in the shop, you probably already know that because he is in most of the photos I post and I use him for all of my Jurassic Parties.  Well it came to pass that the other day I decided to take him on an adventure outside in the bright California sun and into the bushes to let him play and do what monitors normally do in the wild, hunt, hide, stalk, you kow, the usual....  Little did I know how dangerous our adventure would become.  Within moments of his return to nature, his eyes started to look a little crazy and he started behaving strangely.  I thought at first he was playing with me but, well, you guys can probably guess where this story is going...  he started to hide from me at first, running faster than I have ever seen him move, and then when I stopped moving, he swelled up really big and started to hunt me!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He opened his mouth, showed me his teeth, whipped me with his tail several times and went absolutley crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I thought it was kinda cute at first until I tried to pick him up and that became a struggle and usually he just sits on my hip like any red-neck momma with her baby. 

I finally got him back into the shop and thought he had calmed down and I tried to give him a delicious chicken heart snack, out of the palm of my hand, aaaaaaaaaaaand he tried to bite my thumb off.  Soooooooo, that being said, BumbleBee is no longer allowed to play with the kiddies or any other humans except me for that matter until he readjusts to perfect Prehistoric Pets behavior.  I am working with him this morning and he seems fine but he still has that odd crazy look in his eyes and he doesnt quite walk with the same lackadaisical swagger he had before.  Lets all pray fro BumbleBee to get his swagger back, and soon!

I miss him and so do the kids, it will take work but I know we can do it!

Much Love




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Laura Paquette United States, on 12/17/2010 9:32:39 PM Said:

Thanks for sharing this. Important information for all of us who use our animals in educational presentations. We need to remember, they are wild animals and always will be. What they do in a "controlled" environment does not necessarily carry over. We can never become complacent when dealing with our animals. Luckily for me anytime I start to think I have special skills or am some kind of "reptile whisperer" I am bit and brought back down where I need to be. Thanks Savannah for reminding all of us of what can happen when we think we "know" our animals.

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