Burmese Trifecta says NO to Python bans!

It’s finally winding down to a less break-neck pace here at The Reptile Zoo /Prehistoric Pets and were now able to catch up with all the little things we overlooked or forgot.  On the other hand, we have been excited to get a window of spare time to share a very special blog with you!  Here at Prehistoric Pets, we are known for our variety of snakes available for purchase, but rarely do we have such a ‘trifecta’ of a snake to offer.  She’s a beautiful, healthy Burmese Python.  “What’s so special about that?” you may ask.  Let’s take a look…  =D

For starters, typical Burmese pythons purchased are either Albino, which are especially popular and is the most widely available morph or Granite Burmese pythons which sport a much more intricate patter than regular burms.  Although there are several different morphs of this snake, most Herpers do not want to deal with the difficulty of cross breeding and choose to buy cross bred species already.  Does this sound like you?  Then boy (or girl ;P) do we have the perfect Burm for you!

Say hello to our Female TRIPLE-HET Albino/Green/Granite Burmese Python!  That’s right, a REAL trifecta of Burmese perfection.  With a little bit of just about everything’s genes and a friendly nature, this exquisite lady stands out above the rest.  Just like all other burms, she will get to her average size of about 12 feet once she reaches adulthood, which will eventually require a much bigger diet than needed now.  If properly cared for, she can reach up to 7feet in just a year! So you want to make sure you have the appropriate space and time needed to care for such a large animal.

Look at her, such a sweetie hanging out with Nick as he answers a concerned herper call. =D

Take this magnificent beauty home and don’t let THE MAN stop you from owning such a unique creature!  Say NO to Python Bans!   Til Next Time Herpers!


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