Cleaning House!

Hey Guys!

Hoping you all had a super Easter!  We missed you on Sunday but it gave us a good opportunity to do a little spring cleaning!  But just like everything here at The Reptile Zoo we like to make it as fun as possible!  Our animals sometimes like to roam around the shop so kids can pet them and hold them and even sometimes help our staff feed them!  WE love it here at The Reptile Zoo and we want to keep everything in tip top condition so that all of our visitors always come back to see what we have new and exciting!

Snakes are laying eggs all over the place today, I think I've already counted 3 or so clutches!  I'm going to go get to work on that, but in the meantime... Enjoy these pictures of the fabulous Mandy making cleaning time almost as fun as a Jurassic Party!!!!

much love


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