Don't have a BORING party.....have a JURASSIC PARTY!!!!!!

Good Evening's been a long day of out-of-store parties for me, but I had a blast.  I always do. 

Out-of-store parties are a great way to get the word out about our store/zoo, and get more people interested.  The kids always love it...especially the one celebrating his or her birthday.  How cool is it to have all kinds of awesome reptiles come out to your OWN house with all your friends there, right?  Not only is it fun, but also educational.  Kids learn interesting facts while being very hands-on with every animal.  PLUS (adults) there's a fantastic photo opportunity every second!  Especially at the end....

I personally love the on-location parties, and they seem to love me...I got rewarded pretty well today!  I also adore all the kids and how excited they get...and how BRAVE they are!  It never ceases to amaze me. 


So, there you go folks, book a party at your home, at a park, a beach, anywhere....we won't let you down!

peace out.....for now.....Thalia

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