Dragon Misses You!

Hey Guys!

I just wanted to let you know how awesome this super busy Sunday was at The Reptile Zoo!  We had Jurassic Parties going on every single hour in the shop and at people's houses!  It was full of crazy kid excitement and so much fun for all of us too!  It takes alot of hard work and dedication to keep The Reptile Zoo up and operational and all of us are ready and willing!  And not just all of us that are employees, but the dedicated kids that come in day after day and week after week to see and share in all the work and fun!

Like Jennifer!  Jennifer comes in every weeke at least 3 or 4 times a week, she helps us clean cages and feed animals and bag lettuce and do all the things that we have to do because she loves The Reptile Zoo!  Today Jennifer helped shed a ball python for us!  She even has her very own Ball Python named Dragon that she brings in to let kids hold and touch.  We really like return visitors and we really like it when kids like Jennifer get awesome pets from us, we love it when they bring them back in to see us!

Thanks Jennifer, for all you do for us! 

much love


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