Early arrival as Ball Python eggs begin to hatch!!

This morning we were happily surprised to find that 3 of our Ball Python eggs began to hatch 5 days earlier than expected!


The six eggs were laid way back on May 8th and weren't due to hatch for another 5 days! Three of these eggs "pipped" (the baby snakes poked their heads out) on their own while the other 3 had to be cut open to make sure they all survived.


These snakes could take anything from one to three days to hatch out completely so we will be watching them very carefully throughout this week.

These eggs contain 5 "lessers" and 1 "normal" snake. "Lesser" is what we call a co-dominant  genetic mutation, and usually half of the snakes in a batch of eggs will have this gene and half won't. That makes these snakes a double surprise as they are not only 5 days early, but we got 5 "lessers" too!!

Above, on the left is an adult "lesser" and on the right is an adult "normal".

These babies will be for sale in Prehistoric pets in the coming months. Ball Pyhtons make great starter pets and these two morphs are an easy introduction to the wide variety of Ball Pyhton Morphs available.





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