Hey guys!

I would like, if I may to introduce you all to Flower! Flower is a Tiger Retic, he is sooooo pretty and so sweet. I don't normally handle retics, unless it is for a picture, but this photo session turned into a new friendship. I feel really lucky when that happens. So it came to pass that in all the moving things around here to make room for new things to display, I came across this snake and I'm not sure why I think he's so pretty, but I do. Mostly because he looks a lil different and the rainbow that I always see reflecting from him appears as a bright turquoise dot under each of his eyes. I took the snake outside so I could have some awesome light that would reflect his goodness, but when I tried my best to pose him, he found himself a big white Flower! I'm not sure if he thought it was food at first or not, but I do know that he wrapped that Flower and was not letting go of it for anything! When it finally came time to bring him back inside, the flower came with us.... and he sat wrapped around it, guarding it for about an hour until I pulled him off of it! So, he's a retic, he's a Flower, he's a flower picker, and he's my new BFF! Here are a few pics from our adventure!

Much love!

Savannah & Flower

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