Forbidden Love <z3

It’s a cold gloomy day outside with scattered rain clouds BUT it’s warm, toasty and FULL of life here at the shop!   There’s been a lot of controversy about this Python ban now in effect, and all of us here at Prehistoric Pets want to share the TRUTH with you about these loving creatures.  Despite the rumored ‘danger’ Burmese Pythons pose, our friendly “foes” are actually quite sweet and easy to care for if given proper homes and attention.  Let’s go deeper…

Any beginning Herper or reptile owner KNOWS that much careful, attentive handling is required to house a docile manageable pet.  Whether gecko, Beardie, Burm or Retic you should always want to properly and regularly handle your reptile to ensure a happy, comfortable home life for both you and yours.  Without such loving care, ANY animal would resume it’s natural position in nature’s circle of life, we see this common in even our household pets such as cats and dogs.  Quoting the National Geographic website on Burmese Pythons, they had this to state, “… [Burmese] a generally docile disposition may be best known as the large snake of choice among reptile owners. Unfortunately these … are often poorly cared for and are frequently released into the wild.” THAT right there people, is why our beloved Burmese pythons are now a Forbidden Love.  Inexperienced and untrained hands were given the ability to RUIN our passions by attempting to own such an exotic and precious pet and then releasing said pets into the wild untrained for survival in a normal, wild habitat.

These infamously solitary creatures have been starring as the “Grand Finale” guests for our kid’s birthday parties for years now and are always the favorite!  Burmese owners have said they’re snakes are, “sweethearts”, “love bugs” or “cuddle bugs”.  Here at Prehistoric Pets/ The Reptile Zoo, you can even hold and take pictures with one of our many Burms! =)  Of course, the shock factor always comes into play when seeing your first 12 foot python about to be wrapped gracefully around your lap but it has NEVER taken away from the beaming smiles, happy giggles and “AWWWEEESOOOME!” comments flooding in after the picture is snapped and the initial ‘shock’ has settled in.  I’ve never left a party without a child BEGGING me to ‘See the big snake again’ or ‘Can I take a picture with it too?’.

Humanity has always had a way of reaching out for more, for never letting an inexperienced hand slap away our dreams or of experiencing the unimaginable!  Why stop now?  Show YOUR support for our Python companions and say NO! to this atrocious attempt to steal away our hopes and dreams of sharing our love of the exotic with one another and SIGN THE PETITION to overturn this ban!  Friends and Herpers we all need to come together and FIGHT for our no legged, slithery friends! 

For more info on the Ban, our opinions and what YOU can do about it.... visit these links.

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