Forget Red and Yellow snakes...we've got GREEN SNAKES!!!

What exactly IS a Green Snake? What makes him so different from the rest? Are they pet worthy? Well you came to the right place! We've got MORE than just answers for you, we have the snakes in stock!!

Herow Herpers! Its a beautiful Sunday afternoon here at The Reptile Zoo and were coming to you with a new reptilian friend! Ladies and Gents, Welcome our new Green Snakes!! Although they seemingly come off plain and unorigional, but they harbor some pretty cool features and personality. These squirmy little wigglers are found throughout the United States, southern Canada, northern Mexico, Japan, China, and Southeast Asia. Green snakes are so named because they are typically solid green in color , with a cream-colored or yellow belly.

The smooth green snake is found in a variety of habitats such as grassy, moist meadows, prairies, and clearings in pine forests. This snake is often spotted crossing bike or hiking trails, or brought home by our kitty's or puppy dogs on the hunt =P. These sly guys rely on their color for camouflage and will usually attempt to escape if threatened. Their diet consists of soft bodied arthropods, including crickets, spiders, moths, butterflies, and grasshoppers!! MmMMm YUMMY! Speaking of bugs, have you tried our new HOTLIX Critter candies?? Come by the shop and try one out!

Back to these little snakes, which are thin bodied and their adult length can reache 12 to 20 inches! They rarely bite when handled, but will smear a captor's hand with a musky anal secretion. YUCKY!! !>.

Green Snake fan now? GOOD because weve got plenty in stock waiting to go to new homes!! For just $29.99 you could have one TODAY!!
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