Happy Birthday Mike!!

It's was definitely a VERY happy birthday for Mike McConnell and everyone present here at The Reptile Zoo attending his Jurassic B-Day Bash! We even had a special guest, Yup, You guessed it, TWINKIE!!! That's right folks, our 22ft, 350lbs Albino Reticulated Python "Twinkie" finally came out for the very special birthday occasion! Mike has been loyally working with Prehistoric Pets for several years now, mostly working in back with all our crazy Retics and feeder animals. Always working with passion and love for his animals, Mike hustles and bustles throughout the store as the store "Mom" ;P making sure everyone is smiling and happy, as well as his snakes and feeders. All of us here at Prehistoric Pets/The Reptile Zoo Thank You very much Mike for your years of hard work, 'physical sacrifice' (lol), and good times! Hope you enjoyed Twinkie's visit and had a great Birthday!! ^O^...Priscilla.

C'Mon Mike! You can do it!

Twinkie takes advantage...


OH YEA!!! I almost forgot.... Guess who has a brand new Facebook Fan page?! TWINKIE!!! You got it, now you can be a official Twinkie 'fan', the biggest captive snake in the WORLD will now soon have the biggest fan base in the world, so add her NOW!!!

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