Happy Fourth of July!!

Hey all you Herpers!

Happy Indepence Day! As you can see, we're getting into the holiday spirit here at The Reptile Zoo! We even have our own residents showing off their patriotic pride.

I figured since it's a day to celebrate our nation's pride, I might as well gloat about some reptiles that are native only to the US. For instance, the American Alligator is native to Southeastern America, mostly in wetlands of populated places. That means they looove dirty, mucky swamps! Ewww. But if you come down to the Reptile Zoo, you can see that we keep them pretty clean and maintained, and so far they seem to love their new home here. Come check these awesome guys out! If you're not too afraid that is :P!

Some other cool reptiles that are native only to the US are Milk snakes, Corn snakes, all the rattlesnakes that you can only see here at the zoo, Arizona Rosy Boas, some Pine and Goffer snakes.

So do you're own patriotic duty of coming down to support the reptiles that have been here long before we were ever a nation. Without them, America just wouldn't be the same :-).

- Shannon

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