Happy Valentine's Day!

Ahh, Love is in the air here at Prehistoric Pets/ The Reptile Zoo.  Our reptile friends are snuggled up with their companions celebrating the holiday spirit with us.  What are YOU doing this Valentine’s Day?  Need last minute gift or date ideas?  Why not take your sweetheart HERE and share your special day with US!  Buy feeders for your pet, fossils for your sweetheart or something cool for yourself, either way, it’s a sure to please gift idea for this Valentine’s Day.

We’re loaded from wall to wall with all types of offers from reptiles with starter kits, toys, apparel, fossils and gems!  Men and women can find something neat to take home to someone special in your life, old or young.  Already we have sold several of our Valentine’s Day exclusive fossils, gems and jewelry, and have had tons of families and ‘twitterpated’ couples hover about the Zoo.  Seems like just about everyone is in the LoVe MoOd ;D…

Make a legendary story to beat all Valentine’s Day gifts to come and take home a new pet fully set up in a starter kit, maybe even stick one of our cute heart shaped Ammonite fossil jewelry boxes inside hiding a secret gift keychain, necklace or ring!  Don’t take my word and my awesomely cute pictures for it, just swing on by Prehistoric Pets and see for yourself!  Heck, while you’re at it, stop in The Reptile Zoo and share the love with all our happy reptile couples. =D

Hee hee!  Suave.... very suave.  Don't let these cute little reptiles out shine YOUR Valentine's day ideas, HURRY IN NOW AND PICK UP SOMETHING UNIQUE AND EXTRA SPECIAL FOR YOUR SPECIAL SOMEONE! <3  We've got it ALL!

Til next time guys!  Ciao!


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