Holiday Buzzin!

Hello Herpers!<br>


It's the first week into December, which meeaannnssssss......CHRISTMAS is coming!!   Thats right, and with all the holiday cheer in season, all of us here at the shop thought to help spread some joy!  We're stocked and ready to rock n roll with new starter kit specials on set ups AND animals, deals on just about every reptile, amphibian or arachnid cage to fit your needs!  All different sizes and set ups available!  Not to mention our fully loaded retail shop for any and all critter needs from food, to habitat accessories, to books on caring for your new pet! <br>


Hard times this holiday? No worries! Prehistoric Pets has your back and your perfect deal!!  Come on in the shop and inquire about our used and discounted cages for sale!  Most are just like new, and it sure helps save a buck or two during these buzzzzziiin holidays! <br>


 <<<<AWESOME!!! <br>

With all our associates hard at work to get you the best fit for your new critter and your budget, we are selling out FAST!!!   Make sure to come in and check out all these amazing deals and offers, or follow us on our Facebook and Twitter pages to keep up to date with all the new HOT off the press news before we are WIPED OUT!!!  <br>


 Sam sets up new enclosures!  Yay! <br>


Craig makes sure the line gets movin and customers are taken care of! <br>

OH!   And last but not least, we have started a NEW easier way for all you Herpers to get In N Out service for crickets!!  We are now offering PRE PACKAGED crickets!!  Any quantity below 50 crickets will be offered in the prepackaged section to esure faster more accurate cricket purchases for complete customer satisfaction!!!  <br>



Hope to see you ALL in the shop very soon to pick out a new critter to take home, as well as picking out his new home!  Happy Herping! <br>


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