How Many Enchis??

Let's throw another blog in guys don't mind right? :-D

We have been featuring several YouTube videos about pulling about one for opening a clutch?? In this video, Jay, Tim, and Garrett (well, mostly Garrett) cut a unique ball python clutch. A normal ball was bred to an "enchi" ball.

....a what???

The Enchi Ball Python is a genetic mutation discovered by Lars Brandell in 2002. They were named for the region of Africa in which they were discovered (Petros 2011). The Enchis have golden yellow sides and a greatly reduced pattern of dark pigmentation and faded saddles.

As you can tell from the video, it was very exciting for the guys to see mostly Enchis hatching out, because that means we can breed them later on for even cooler morphs! Check it out!

Also, check out to see the cool morphs we have for sale!!


Petros, Mark. "Enchi Ball Python". 2011.
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