How are all your new pets?

Hey Guys!

Just wanted to check and see how all your new pets are doing!  It's 2 days after Christmas and I'm sure everyone has finally settled down and I just wanted to know how all the animals are doing?  Remember they are living things and should be treated as such!  With lots of TLC!!!!!  Please do not cast them aside like the remote control car you got or the video game you have already won!

Are you taking good care of them? 

Feeding them everyday? 

Making sure they have fresh water and a clean cage? 

If they need UVB are you providing it? 

Are you snuggling with them? 

Keeping them warm? 

If the need calcium are you providing it?

Make sure you take good care of all the new animals that you have at home!  We love each and everyone of the little guys that left our store before Christmas!  If you have any questions about them please call us or bring them by!  We want you and your pet to grow and live together happily and no question is a dumb question!  We will be happy to answer them all!  You can even email your questions to us!



We look forward to hearing from you all! 

Send us pictures!  Tell us how good everything is going!  Show us how big they get!  A pet from Prehistoric Pets is a lifetime investment and we enjoy being a part of you and your pet's life!

much love


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