Hypo Snapping Turtles

Herow Herpers!

Today we bring you a very special addition to our reptilian and "more" family!  Welcome home our new HYPO ALLIGATOR SNAPPING TURTLES!! Yayy!

The largest freshwater turtle in North America, the alligator snapper keeps to primarily southern U.S. waters.  The alligator snapping turtle is characterized by a large heavy head, and a long, thick shell with three dorsal ridges of large scales.  They can be immediately distinguished from the Common Snapping Turtle by the three distinct rows of spikes and raised plates on their shells.    

Common Alligator Snapper

The textbook definition of  a "Hypo" is lacking or experiencing a reduction in black and brown pigment, this would mean an increase in yellow and white pigment, making the appearance brighter and more vibrant.  Hypomelanism is not the same as albinism, which is the complete lack of black pigment.
Here is what an extreme case of Hypomelanistic genes looks like:

 Hypo Snapping Turtle

Thats about the size they grow to as well! Pretty cool huh?  Just WAIT til you see the two new Hypo's we've got on display here at the zoo!  Stop pn by and check them out, they are currently roomies with the properly named "Motley Crue" of Caiman Lizards we have in the Zoo area.  Help us think of some cool new names too! 

Til next time, Happy Herping!



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