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I've come to the conclusion that everybody needs to own at least one tarantula. They don't make noise, they won't stink up a room, and they don't need a cage big enough that you have to ask yourself if you realllllly need a bed, or if a bean bag in the corner will suffice. (We've all been there, don't pretend you haven't). Here at Prehistoric Pets/ Jurassic Parties/ The Reptile Zoo, our holiday cheer and deal-giving days are in full swing. You can come into our store and leave with your very own Rose Hair Tarantula, and everything you need to care for it!

This means that for the incredibly awesome price of $99.99, you get the tarantula, the cage, bedding, a small heat pad, a hide, a water dish, and a book all about your taranutula and it's other fluffy, 8-legged friends. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that everybody should pack up the family, drive out to the nearest desert and wrangle up some arachnids, but this particular kind makes an awesome pet.

Rose Hair Tarantulas (Grammastola Rosea) are probably the most popular pet tarantula in the industry. They get to be a decent size, but not so big that you have to lock up the family Chihuahua when you leave the room, they're super friendly and handleable (with adult supervision, of course!) and they live a pretty darn long time (females commonly live 15-20 years, possibly longer).


So if you love the creepy-crawlies as much as I do, or if you think Fluffy would be the perfect addition the family, come on in! She's right up on the front counter, waiting for a loving family to take her home.

Later Gator!

Mandysaurus Rex

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