It's ALWAYS time to party at the Reptile Zoo

When you work in a Reptile Zoo, you know that every day is going to bring with it something new, excitng and educational, we are always learning more and more about our animals here and in the wild. But what some people don't realise is just how much fun it is to share some of this information with customers every day, and whats even more exciting is when you get to share it with a room full of overly excited children that are here for a birthday party.


Jurassic Parties is a company within a company, so to speak, and we do all kinds of parties here! You can bring your party to us or we can bring the party to you, whichever you choose, you are guaranteed a very exciting and memorable experince.

Just this morning Jurassic Parties and the Reptile Zoo were buzzing with party fever as some of our crew headed off to a birthday party in soemone's own home, and some of our team got ready to greet the 30 guests here for a little boy's party! When they arrived at the Reptile Zoo, we were delighted to see lots of smiling faces, super excited moms, and some nervous looking dads, who couldn't wait to meet our animals.

To start the party guests ate lots of pizza in one of our dedicated party rooms, and began their presentation at about midday. We started off small with a Ball Python, and once they were all comfortable, we moved on to tarantulas, geckos, scorpions, corn snakes and a Black Throat monitor that goes by the name of Bane, and for some reason smells like maple syrup!



We finished up our hour-long presentaion by letting all the children line up and hold a Burmese Python, all the moms and dads got some great photos and everyone had a great time. The kids (and some sneaky grown ups) then relaxed and enjoyed some home made brownies in the special party room!

Getting to see the excited look on these kid's faces as they got to hold and touch some of these animals is truly priceless and one of the most rewarding parts of this job!

We just love Jurassic Parties here at the Reptile Zoo, so why not have a party with a differnece this year, check us out on facebook or twitter for some great special offers and lots of updates and pictures!


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