It's Friday, Friday.....

Ok, so my co-workers would smack me if they heard me sing that.....come to think of it, I might smack myself. Anywho! Its a busy Friday here at the Reptile Zoo, as we wind down 2011 in style! Only a day and a half left until 2012, people! And what a crazy year its been here at Prehistoric Pets. New animals, new people, and (finally!) our Alligator Enclosure!!! True, we waited a long time for this, but boy was it worth the wait. Not only do we have our new alligatot (who, by the way, still needs a name. We want your vote! You only have until Sunday!), but we also have a pretty handsome male Sulfur Water Monitor in the other side. As is a tradition here at The Reptile Zoo, we are constantly changing and updating even our fanciest enclosures to make them even prettier :) The reptile business is all about looks, and their cages are no exceptions! Check out some pictures of our busy zoo and the Sulfur Monitor loving his new pad.

Here's Nick, getting ready to go do Syndey and Madison's Birthday!

Here are some of our lovely and excited guests early waiting for their turn to hold a gecko at the photo booth

And here are some shots of our newly decorated Sulfur Monitor enclosure!


Enjoy these last couple of days of 2011, and come on in soon if you wanna ring in the new year with a new pet!


Later Gator!

Mandysaurus Rex

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