Junior Volunteers

Hey guys!

There are some kids that just can't get enough of this place, and like anything, if you hang around enough, eventually you get put to work!  Meet Avery & Jack, today's Junior Volunteers!  Avery comes in at least twice a week to help feed bearded dragons and blue-tongued skinks, she's been here for hatchings and holdings and has had at least 2 Jurassic Parties in the past 2 years which is alot considering she is only 5!  Jack is a new Junior Volunteer, having pets of his own at home, 2 bearded dragons, today he decided to come by and help Avery feed the veggie eaters and we did it all in no time flat! 

We love volunteers here at the Reptile Zoo, if you ever wanna get into the action check out this link!


We are currently trying to develop a Junior Volunteer plan that will be open to the public, an educational, helpful, play with and feed animals type of camp that we hope will be up and available in the summer and maybe even during winter and spring breaks from school!

Thanks again to Avery & Jack for all their hard work today!  See you guys again soon!

much love


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