Jurrrrrrrrassic Fact of the Week!


JFW!   This week we are featuring one of our awesome educational events. 

There has been a lot of interest lately in the Split Assembly Package.  What we can do for you is bring not just 12-15 animals, but 15-18!  We offer TWO one-hour presentations, EACH with their own 20-minute hands-on period at the end, after the hour presentation.  One handler will teach students about each animal, allow for some questions, and really get the kids interested in reptiles and learning more about them.  At the end, the kids can even touch or hold a few of the awesome creatures that were shown!

This is a great offer if you have a large group of students and want everyone to have an up-close and personal experience with no hassle.  Frequently, we have teachers tell us that they devote a whole week, two weeks, sometimes a MONTH to reptile studies within their classrooms and these educational events are truly the perfect icing on the cake!

So go to www.jurassicparties.com, (or just click the tab at the top of this page), and check out how we can make learning fun!!

Hope to see you soon!  



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