Macho Man Randy Savage

Ok, so there is this iguana here and I named him Macho Man, not because of the YMCA song, but because he looks exactly like  Macho Man Randy Savage.  If you don't know anything about professional wrestling, or wrasslin' rather you might not get it, but you can always Google it.  I try to pay attention to people that come in here because they often look like their pets and more times than not, if they get the pet as a baby, it begins to look like and mimic it's owner.  Not like they turn into a human or anything but like, they seem to adopt similar traits.  Maybe I spoke too soon, because I definately don't want to offend anyone if they have an ugly pet, but then again beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I loke things with big bug eyes, i'm not sure if I have them, but big eyes can definately make me love something, big eyes and fat heads. Example; creted geckos, tiger retics, borneo bateaters, leucistic rat snakes, and leucistic gators are a few of my favs.  OOOHhh, and red eyed tree frogs too... hahahah...

Anyways, the bigger part of this blog is, this crazy looking iguana we adopted looks just like Macho Man Randy Savage, he is always puffed up and staring and i know for sure he wants me to "SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM.... OHHHHHHHH, YEEEEEEEAH"

Much love!


xo............ Savannah





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