Meet Lauren

Many of you who visit the reptile zoo start to recognize the familiar faces of our employees, who are generally seen with smiles as they dispense helpful or interesting information. But no smile shines brighter or more beautifully than Lauren’s. This wonderful, compassionate, smart lady is a pillar of intelligence, class, and most importantly, modesty. That is why I, Lauren, have taken it upon myself to let you know just how awesome I am.

(I’ve kissed a celebrity. Love you too Frank xoxo)

All immodest humble-bragging aside, I wanted to let you guys get to know me! These employee bios don’t write themselves, and while it can be weird to try and introduce myself via a blog, I thought I’d give it my best shot. I’m Lauren! I started working at the Reptile Zoo in the summer of 2011, right after my sophomore year of college, as one of the seasonal employees hired to work at the OC fair. I guess they liked me, because the next year when I returned home for the summer they took me on again, this time as both an OC fair and Jurassic Parties employee. I continued to work summers for the zoo as I worked towards my Bachelors, and I’m happy to say that in January 2014 I graduated cum laude from Northeastern University with my shiny new BS in Biology, and a minor in Marine Biology to boot. I’m now working pretty much full time at the zoo, so here’s hoping you guys get to see much more of me!

When not working at the zoo: I like to scuba dive, ride my bike, and work on fun nail art designs.
My favorite foods are: Unfortunately the cheesy-carbohydrate loaded kind.
Hopes goals dreams: Become a vet, and work with animals forever.
Favorite animal at the zoo: Looks wise, I like Lucifer, the albino western diamondback rattlesnake. Personality wise, I love Mr. Spot the rhino iguana. We bonded at the OC Fair this year.
Funniest thing that happened to you here: One time Juliette cornered me at the OC fair with a giant water balloon. I caught it when she threw it and it magically didn’t pop, so she punched it and it soaked me.
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