Meet Tim O'Reilly

If you are a fan of Prehistoric Pets, a retic owner, a store customer, a snake or reptile enthusiast, or just a addict you all probably already know who Tim O'Rielly is, and if you don't, you should!!!!!!!!!!!  He is the retic breeder here and Jay's right hand man.  Tim has been in the business of breeding snakes his entire life and there is not a more valued and respected employee here at The Reptile Zoo!  He has been with the company for over 8 years and is definately part of the life blood of this company!  He is everyone's friend, mentor, and go to guy about any and everything that goes on in the shop.  He even has his own fan page at!/pages/Tim-OReilly-Fan-Club/131317070228250?ref=ts check it out, there are lots of pictures of him there, mostly of him fishing because when Tim is not at the shop, which is very rarely he is off fishing somewhere and catching lobster!  Tim is and all around outdoorsman, sportsman, and wonderful person!  Come by anytime and see him!  He will be happy to shake your hand and answer any questions you might have about retic breeding or anything else!  Thank you Tim for all you do around here!  You're the best and we all love you!



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