Morph of the Month!!


Yay!  Beginning of the month and you KNOW what that means...Morph of the Month.  Every month we choose one special morph of Reticulated Python to be featured in our blog and tell you a little bit about it.  So, this month we have...........

Babies!  Here are baby Sunfire het Snows, Albino het Snows, as well as a beautiful Albino Sunfire het Snow right on top.

So, we are featuring the Albino Sunfire het Snow.  "Albino" meaning there is an absence of black in the pattern...and "Sunfire" meaning red is added (so it looks dark orange).  In the future, we will try breeding this beauty to hopefully create MoonGlow retics, which would be an absence of both black AND red.  There would be some yellow still, but only enough to give them an almost "glow-in-the-dark" look. 

Wish us luck!!   :-D

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