North American Reptile Breeder's Conference!

It’s Christmas in September for Prehistoric Pets and the Reptile Zoo! Yes it is that glorious time of year, the NARBC! That’s right, the North American Reptile Breeder’s Conference! We are so excited to be going back to the Anaheim Convention Center this weekend from Sept 6-7th. This conference boasts THOUSANDS of reptiles, or “herps” as we call them. From the most common of geckos to snake morphs selling for over 50,000 DOLLARS, there is something for everyone to see, and we will be right in the thick of it. If you want to see an extremely specific reptile we don’t have at the zoo, this is the best place to do so! Weekend passes for adults are a measly 15 dollars, so make sure you come on by and see us, as well as all the other amazing breeders that make the herp world go round! If you missed it, we had an amazing time on the morning news with KTLA’s field reporter, Jennifer Gould, giving you a sneak peak at what to expect at NARBC!

The star herself! She could work here; she was so good with the animals!

Several dedicated employees managed to rouse themselves to make it to the zoo in time for the first segment of filming, which began at 5am. Despite bleary eyes, everyone had a smile as we interacted with and showed off some of our biggest and best animals. Darthgator and his honorary little brother, Davey, showed off just how massive gators can get and why they are illegal to own. Later our Jurassic Parties animal crew demonstrated the wide variety of animals we use for parties. All of the animals that we use for our Jurassic Parties make fantastic pets for the right owner, and the best way to figure out which reptile works best for you is to come down to the show and interact with as many animals as you can! You never know what you might fall in love with.

Showing off in front of the news van!

Last of all, for our grand finale, we brought out our biggest Tiger Reticulated Python female to showcase what we do best at Prehistoric Pets; breed beautiful, healthy, exotic color morphs of the longest and sometimes largest snakes in the world. Tons of our gorgeous retics will be for sale and featured at our booth at NARBC, so come on down!

Frank, aka Kipling from Disney’s Jessie will be there to take pictures with adoring fans, along with pythons, tortoises, iguanas, anacondas, frogs, and alligators! The fun didn’t end there however!

The next day we drove up to Los Angeles bright and early to show off our beloved herps on Good Day LA with Mar Yvette. Aside from promoting the NARBC, we wanted to take this opportunity to spread our favorite message: That reptiles are nothing to fear and that with knowledge and education, we can all get along. We brought a green anaconda, Asian water monitor, panther chameleon, and Cuban false chameleon, and more. The biggest guest star of all was Sharon Osbourne, who fell in love with our pretty nosy be panther chameleon. Check it out! Los Angeles News | FOX 11 LA KTTV

Photo by Dano Photography (

Photo by Dano Photography (

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