Old School!!!!!!!!! Meet Craig!

Not many of us have been around the reptile world as long as Craig, I guess you could say he was a herper before herpers were cool!  Craig knows so much that it is really ridiculous!  If you wanna tap into the venomous snake world, Craig is your guy for sure!  He has been tagged by a sidewinder, a green rock rattle snake, and even a gila monster and lived to tell the story!  Craig is the person to ask any question... about anything!  It's really amazing that with all the animals he has dealt with and handled throughout his life time that he is even still alive! 

In his off time Craig likes to sneak goldfish into the sump pump of the turtle pond so that will grow big... then he brings them out and they are like gigantic... I don't know why he does it, but we all have our special quirks around the store!  When Craig is not at the shop living the glamorous life of reptile enthusiast, he likes to watch Nat Geo and SpongeBob SquarePants.  haha  Craig has worked here for over 16 years and we hope and pray that he is here forever! 

Craig does so much stuff around the shop that without him we would surely suffer!  Craig in an important part of our reptile family ecosystem here and we love him so very much!  Thanks Craig for all you do!









That's Craig in the Background with his tongue sticking out!  hahahahhahahaha

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