Party Day!

Wanna go for a ride?  Who else but us could put a 15 foot dinosaur in the back of a truck for relocation?

Relocation to The Reptile Zoo anyways!  For the kids that come to the parties that are sometimes scared or too young to realize that the animals they might be interacting with are alive, we have lots of other fantastic things for them to look at and interact with.  Like Tex!  The gigantic 15 foot tall dinosaur in the middle of our store that watches over all of us!  If a picture with a real live snake is more than you can handle, Rex will be super happy to take a picture with you!!!  And he wont even bite!  I wonder sometimes if Tex came to life and he and Twinkie got into a fight who would win?  But there I go again fantasizing about dino-wars!  Hope you guys get to make it by and see all of us today!  We miss you!

Much love............ Savannah

Are you looking at me?

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