Prehistoric Pet of the Month!!


Good afternoon reptile lovers!  Time for Jurassic Fact of the Week, as well as, Prehistoric Pet of the Month!  A two for one!

This month....and it seems every month...more and more of our zoo guests and party patrons are loving one animal especially.  Or, should I say...invertebrate.  There is always a gasp and a "wow!"  or  "cool!"  when we bring out Hairy, our Rose-Hair Tarantula.  Most kids and even adults that we come across have never held a tarantula, not to mention been up close and personal with one.

Also known as the Chilean Rose Tarantula (due to its origin - Chile), Hairy is extremely tame and very cool to look at.  They get their name from the pinkish hairs on their cephalothorax...or their "head" as we tell the youngsters, as that is where their eyes are located.  In my opinion, the coolest thing about these guys is that they can regenerate a new leg through molting if one is lost.  Awesome!  Some get scared when they feel him walk on their bare skin.  Its just the little "hooks" on his feet to hang on to a surface (like Spiderman!) and they are actually called claws...but not harmful at all.

Here are a couple pics of Hairy, a true crowd-pleaser:


Come to The Reptile Zoo and see Hairy....he's a great way to get over your Arachnophobia!  Its liberating!!


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