Question of the Week...

Well, more like question of the YEAR.

QUESTION: "What do you feed that huge snake??"

I can honestly say that EVERYDAY we are asked what we feed to Twinkie. We get several questions about her, but that is the most popular. I can see why, because she is so big, most of us just can't comprehend her eating anything other than a small child. But don't worry...that is definitely not on the menu.

Twinkie is our claim to fame...she's an 8-year-old, 23-foot, 370 lb, Amelanistic Reticulated Python. She is the largest documented snake in the world, due to her size. She is not the longest...but the largest. Very muscular and powerful, Twinkie is a beautiful sight to behold...causing MANY MANY gasps each and everyday.

ANSWER: Each week, we offer her a JUMBO rabbit, usually at least 15 lbs itself. Sometimes she won't take it, but usually she's a great eater. Obviously.

She's also famous...having been on Leno and Conan. She even has her own facebook page. Check it out: "Twinkie: The World's Largest Snake". People have come from all over the world to witness her girth, as well as the MANY other rarities in our zoo. While not particularly aggressive, it does take at least 6 grown men to handle her because she is SO powerful.

We love you Twinkie!

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anne United States, on 9/26/2011 1:46:14 AM Said:

I love TWINKIE!!!  nice to know what you feed her! I've got baby a baby retic and 2 baby burmese and its nice to know what i get to look forward to in a few years

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