Hello Herpers!
It's a big exciting week here at The Reptile Zoo with a quadruplet of new born Snabies! Thats right, Snake Babies, but not just any babies.... RATTLESNAKE babies!! To be more specific, they are Western Diamondback babies, this species ranges throughout the southwestern United States (Arizona, California, Oklahoma and Texas)and northern half of Mexico. These lil guys wont grow much more than 5-6 feet in length and guess what else?! Even though they're tiny babies, these ity bity Rattlers have the SAME degree of venom in their bite as mature adults, but just a lesser amount of it!! Of the 4 beautiful baby Rattlers born just a few days ago, we managed to snap a few shots of two of the little additions! Stop by the shop and check out these little guys, we could use some cool names for them! :)


BORN JULY 28, 2011!!!

Rattle Snake Babies!!! What to name them??!

Can you see them BOTH? Whereee's WALDO!
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