Reptile Facts Friday- Australia Edition

It’s Reptile Facts Friday!

We’re starting a new blog series here at the Reptile Zoo where we take 3 of our awesome animals and tell you a fun fact about them! This week, we’re highlighting our favorite Australian Lizards and their awesome defense systems!

Let’s start with one of the most charismatic reptiles out there, the bearded dragon! Beardies, as they’re called by enthusiasts, have one of the most obvious defense mechanisms of the lizard world. These little dudes are covered in big spikes all along their neck, cheek, and sides. Smaller spikes stand out from their legs, tail, and head.

Anything that wants to eat a bearded dragon has to think twice, as these guys are like the puffer fish of the lizard world. When feeling threatened, these guys will poof themselves up to almost double their usual body width. That lovely beard of spikes will inflate and turn black, and they will open their mouths and hiss. The overall effect is rather impressive, as you can see.

Image © David Kleinert (

Our next Aussie is slightly more subtle but no less awesome. The blue tongued skink gets its name from its main form of defense! These cool lizards have a tongue that is, you guessed it, blue!

When feeling threatened, the skink will puff itself up, hiss, and show off its bright blue tongue. Bright colors in the animal kingdom generally mean that the animal with them is poisonous. While the blue tongued skink doesn’t actually have poison or venom, their attacker will usually fall for the trick and leave them alone.

Image © David Kleinert (

If that display doesn’t work, their hard thick scales can protect them from bites. They’re capable of running surprisingly fast for their tiny legs, and can drop their tails at will to distract a predator. Most of the time their snake-like appearance is enough to make anybody think twice about touching them.

The last and possibly most bizarre Australian lizard is the Frill-Necked Lizard, or Frilled Dragon. These little guys get their name from the large flap of extra skin attached to their jawline. The frill is usually kept close to the body and out of the way to prevent damage, giving them a slightly wrinkly appearance.

When threatened, the lizard opens their mouth and extends their frill, showing off the bright colored spots usually hidden in the folds of skin. This rapid increase in perceived size is enough to frighten any predator, but the lizard doesn’t stop there. They will hiss, stand on their hind legs using their tail for balance, and even chase after their attackers to make good and sure they don’t get messed with.

So there you have it! Three Australian lizards with three awesome defenses! That’s all for Reptile Facts Friday this week!

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