Reptile Petting Zoo?


Sundays are always good to spend with family....and what better way to bring everyone together than to hold some snakes??

Here at The Reptile Zoo, guests can enjoy the awesome experience of holding and touching ball pythons, leopard geckos, crested geckos, bearded dragons, and possibly more.  On most days, we have our store pet monitor, Frank, roaming around so kids can pet him and take pictures with him.

A lot of fears are overcome in our "petting zoo"...we enjoy showing our guests that reptiles are beautiful and interesting creatures, and many are actually very tame.  The kids love learning about the animals, and then they come back and teach other kids the interesting facts they learned.  Personally, I love the educational aspect, but the kids keep me entertained as well.....they say "the darndest things".

(Bringing an Asian Water Monitor into a presentation:   "OH MY GOSH!   Its a Commando Dragon!!")

(A very common question about the snakes:   "Where do they poop from?")

(About the BIG Burmese Python:    "Can that eat my sister?  She's mean to me.")

They keep a smile on my face, haha.  It's a great thing to love your job.  Here are some pics from today...lots of kids enjoying holding awesome creatures that they can't hold just ANYWHERE! 

See you next time!!


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