Reptile Zoo Visitor of the Month!!

Congrats to Jake Beck!

This super awesome kid is our Zoo Guest of the Month...about time too, since he has been visiting us almost EVERY Tuesday and Friday for a whole year!! Jake is 8 years old, and loves to visit the hands-on area of the zoo...he will spend ALL his time there, holding reptiles and teaching kids about animals. He actually said his favorite part of coming to the zoo is getting the chance to help the other children with the animals, teach them cool facts, and let them know they don't need to be afraid.

Jake likes to play with his friends in his spare time, and wants to be a COP when he grows up, how cool!! He is home-schooled, so he gets to visit us even during the school year. He knows SO much about this place that when customers have questions...he answers them before I can! I asked him what his favorite animal in the whole shop is, and he said the California King changed from when we shot the video (below). So, I'm sure he will have a NEW favorite again soon!

So if you come in on a Tuesday or Friday, you will probably see Jake, showing our guests how beautiful and interesting these creatures can be! Here are some pics of him in action throughout his days here, and even a video interview!

Thanks Jake! See you soon!

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Jenly United States, on 8/10/2011 2:13:46 AM Said:

This post touched my heart since I relate to it in a few ways. I deal with homeschooled families for a living, my husband is an established reptile breeder / wholesaler and we just tested the waters with our first reptile show. It's great to see kids passions shine through.  Just like my husband and the founders of The Reptile Zoo, it sounds like Jake has a passion for reptiles.  It's great that he's been given the opportunity to be involved with "the zoo".  I'm sure he expands his knowledge each time he walks through your doors.  Great Post!

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