Rosy Boa Morning!

This morning I came to work happily bee-boppin' through the parking lot when right beside a trash can I saw an aquarium. (i'm sure most of you can tell where this story is going) I went over to take a peek at it, and at first I thought perhaps it was broken or defective... etc... but no! There on the side-walk right beside the trash can was a perfectly beautiful Rosy Boa. :( I picked him up and brought him in, had Tim look him over and yep... healthy as a horse, so to speak!
Now, understanding that lots of people are out of work right now and that times are tight all around, I do appreciate the fact that whomever could no longer care for their snake brought him to us, because we will take great care of him, I guess it just makes me sad that the poor guy was abandoned. No heat, no love, beside a trash can... not even in front of the door. I'm ambivalent about the whole situation. I mean I'm glad the person didn't put the snake in the trash can, or let it go in the backyard, or worse, but everything just seems so disposable.... people, pets, I even watched a new TV game show last night, and if you couldn't answer the questions fast enough whatever you would have won was tossed off the top of a building!!!! And while big explosions of things do excite me, the amount of destruction in that one show could have paid the bills for one family for a long time, or given them food, or shelter. Ok, so enough of my rant about the downfall of society and the weakening of the links in the chain!

Here's our cute new Boa!!!!

Much love..........





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