Savannah Monitors =)

Good Afternoon Herpers! Today's Reptile of the Day is our very own Savannah Monitor from central Africa! This intelligent beauty can grow up to 5 feet in length, and because they have a tendency to gain lots of weight, their diet's mainly consist of beetles, millipedes, and other invertebrates. These sweet smart-tarts have a healthy 10 year life span when cared for properly by a loving home; and no need for excessive attention, they can entertain themselves, they are known for being quite the common escape artist! When confronted by a snake or other large predator, the monitor rolls onto it's back and grabs a hind leg in its mouth, forming a ring with its body and making itself harder for the animal to swallow whole! Pretty neat huh?! Here are some photos of the Zoo's Savannah Monitor as well as a Medium Savannah Monitor we have for SALE @ $49.99! ^O^...Priscilla TAKE ME HOME PWWEEEZZZEE!!!
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