Sebastian's Safari

Hey Guys!

I would like you all to meet Sebastian.  Sebastian is the most awesome and enthusiastic constant guest here at the Reptile Zoo!  Sebastian's birthday was the very first Jurassic Party I ever did here and he l;eft that day with a leopard gecko and the rest of the story writes itself... Sebastian comes back to visit us all the time, sometimes he brings his gecko, but always he wears his safari gear.  Khakis, a hat, and his Nat Geo bag stuffed full of a journal, a pen, a compass, some pictures of a few snakes and lizards I gave him, and today's addition to the Nat Geo back pack, a perfect sand boa shed!  

Sebastian, we love it when you come by!  You are definately one of our favorite up and coming herpers!  See you again soon!

Much love!



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