Hello Hello dearest readers!

Spring has officially sprung and I for one am so super excited to tell you guys all about our coolest cutest little crocodilian here at The Reptile Zoo! Everyone, meet SNAGGLETOOTH!

Snaggletooth is an adorable little dwarf caiman! Caiman are in the same family as alligators and crocodiles, and are characterized by their oversized upper jaw, prominent dagger-like teeth, and round noses. They tend to be smaller than their crocodilian cousins, and the dwarf caiman are the smallest of them all, reaching a maximum length or around 4-6 feet! Don’t let their diminutive size fool you though, these little guys are tougher than they appear! The scales of a dwarf caiman have a bony base (these special scales are called osteoderms) that give them a fair degree of protection from attackers. They prey primarily on invertebrates, fish, and frogs. Dwarf caiman go by many other names, including the musky caiman, Cuvier's caiman, the wedge head caiman, and the smooth-fronted caiman.

Our little guy Snaggletooth is on the petite side, and only about 3 feet long. He won’t get too much bigger, making him invaluable as an education animal here at the Reptile Zoo. While Snaggletooth is a sweetheart, not all members of his species have his calm and gentle temperament. All species of crocodilians, including caimans, are restricted species and cannot legally be owned as pets. We’re glad to have him here at the zoo where he can educate the public on his cousins in a safe way. Won’t you come and visit him soon?

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