Spreading the Love, Jurassic Parties Style!

Hi ladies and gents! Those of you familiar with the Reptile Zoo and Jurassic Parties know that we are not here to frighten, but to teach! The goal of Jurassic Parties is to further the public’s understanding and respect for reptiles through interactive education that is both fun and meaningful for all guests. We have guests on a daily basis who’ve never seen a snake in person and are horrified by them, who with some exposure and education, gain a new appreciation for reptiles. Recent studies have shown that while primates (especially humans!) instinctively recognize snakelike shapes, the fear of snakes is a learned response. What better way to nip that learned fear in the bud than to give kids positive experiences with our legless friends? Our tried and true Jurassic Parties and one-of-a-kind hands-on learning zone at The Reptile Zoo have given thousands of kids a chance to interact with some of Mother Nature’s less loved species, and now we want to spread the love even further; by going into classrooms.

Animals in the classroom have been shown to be enormously beneficial to a learning environment. Studies have shown that having a class pet decreases tension, increases the children’s sense of responsibility, and gives kids without pets at home a new appreciation for animals. A class pet can be used to teach valuable lessons, not only about science and biology but about empathy, duty, and respect. Snakes in particular make good pets for classrooms as they are quiet, allergy free, and easy to care for. They are inexpensive to feed, simple to handle, and kids find them particularly fascinating. By exposing kids early to snakes, they grow up into adults who respect, rather than fear them.

In an effort to further spread our goals of understanding and respect for reptiles, Jurassic Parties has decided to open up a contest of sorts to the classrooms of California! The prize? One classroom ready California Kingsnake or Cornsnake with full habitat setup!

Make sure you meet all eligibility requirements and then submit your application following the directions below:

Eligibility Requirements:

1) Applicants must provide proof that an animal is allowed in the classroom.

2) Applicants must be 18 years or older who are teachers at a public, accredited, or private school in compliance with the laws of its state of residence and who teach in any grades Kindergarten through 8.

3) Applicants must live and work in California, and be willing and able to come pick up the snake and habitat from The Reptile Zoo in Fountain Valley. (It is against the law to transport California Kingsnakes across state lines).

4) Applicants must be comfortable with snakes themselves and be willing to be the primary caretaker of the animal and assume financial and personal responsibility for its health and well being, including feeding, cleaning, habitat maintenance, and veterinary care.


The Application Packet should consist of:

1) A written statement and any other documentation proving that the teacher meets the eligibility requirements.

2) A letter from the teacher explaining why their classroom would benefit from a pet, how the pet would be integrated into classroom life, and what possible lessons could be learned from the pet.

3) A 3-5 sentence written piece from each of the students on why they would like a snake as a class pet. Art or other creative pieces are encouraged but not required.

The Application Packet must be submitted to Jurassic Parties by April 30st. Please address all applications as follows

The Reptile Zoo

attn: Lauren Henry

18822 Brookhurst Street

Fountain Valley, CA, 92708

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