So Last night right before I turned the shop lights off and about to set the alarm, I remembered “ ohh hey, I better check the female het sulfur for eggs!” (I had just put her in the egg laying room earlier in the day) so I was digging and digging and digging and I wasn’t very hopeful because the past couple clutches were mostly slugs  but then I hit GOLD!! 17 FERTILE eggs, the complete opposite of the past clutches. I was ecstatic for the outcome of these monitors who took a 360degree about 5 months ago for the better. Garrett ran and got one of our new custom hatching boxes (the hatch chamber [pretty intense name right?? I know]) I was sooo energized with every egg I took out, acting like a total girl (giddy and kind of sporadically screaming in garrets ear haha) well anyways we put the eggs in the incubator, snapped a couple pictures to send to people and jetted home! (Me still screaming, but this time just to myself) I felt like I had 17 babies!! -Juliette /> First comes love... Then comes marriage...
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