The Reptile Report Reader's Choice Awards!!

Hey Hey Hey ladies and gents! Forget about the Oscars, its time for The Reptile Report People’s Choice Awards! Last year we won for Best Brick and Mortar Store, and this year The Reptile Zoo and Prehistoric Pets have been nominated for FOUR different awards. We need your help to win! Please take a minute to click the links below; you can vote for us in each category once a day, so please, help us win!! This year we’ve had the honor to be nominated for:

Zoo of the Year

The Reptile Zoo turned 5 last year, and since the day we’ve opened we’ve been committed to educating the public on the misunderstood natures of some of the world’s coolest animals. We boast over 320 individual species of reptile, and are even in the process of expanding the zoo to include features like a window to our international python breeding facility, daily feeding demonstrations, and new improved habitats for our larger specimens. In our hands-on learning zone, visitors are welcome and encouraged to interact with different species of snakes and lizards, usually sparking a new appreciation for the cold-blooded denizens of our planet. CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR US

Python Breeder of the Year!

Prehistoric Pets is regarded in the industry as one of the finest breeders of Reticulated Pythons in the world. Over 50 new morphs were developed in the last two years alone. Our dedication to health, breeding standards, and commitment to providing the best snakes to the best homes makes us a leader in the python breeding world. We have an incredible variety of selection, with easily over 200 captive bred morphs available at any time for purchase. CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR US

Reticulated Python Photo!

What is better than the world’s largest snakes? SITTING AND READING WITH A BUNCH OF THEM IS! The only way one of our reticulated pythons would kill someone is by cuddling them to death, as evidenced here! Cast your vote for our gentle giants!! CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR US

Fun Reptile Image

The most fun part of this image aside from the variety of reticulated python morphs is the fact it couldn’t happen just about anywhere but here! You never know what fun reptile hijinks we get up to on a daily basis. What other morphs lie hidden in those racks, waiting to be big enough to show off in pictures like this? Vote now and maybe next year we will see! CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR US

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