The Sounds of Silence

In the mornings when I get to the Zoo it is quiet and comfortable the nocturnal animals aren’t quite done with their overnight activities yet and I can walk by every cage and see what they have been doing all night. The snakes are usually crazy active and all I can hear is an occasional hiss or flutter of leaves as something runs through their cage to sound the alarm. “The people are here, the people are here!” is what I imagine them to say as they all move into their hides so that I can’t see how awesome they actually are. Clever little devils that they are The calm in the morning is my favorite time of the day here, it’s when I get to listen and watch, and play with things I probably shouldn’t, haha, kinda like a meditation of sorts. A meditation with nature! That makes my day happy!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand then the doors open and the kids come in!!! They are excited and loud and their eyes are wild with energy! I love it! They are like a lightening rod of happiness screaming through the front entrance. Their laughs and squeals are powerful enough to run this whole building for a month I think… Anyways, enough meditation, I feel very lucky that I get to come and touch these wonderful creatures every morning in the silence, but equally as lucky that I get to share that joy with a Zoo full of kids and hopefully, make some sort of difference in their life!
Here they come now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS--the last pic is a blurry one of me and my gator in Florida! Just throwing that in becasue I love him, and we might have one here soon! Don't miss out!

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