This Week at the Zoo.....


Happy Mother's Day!

(quick shout-out to my mom....I love you!  You are the best!)

Ok this week at the zoo we are gearing up for a busy summer full of camps and parties and fairs and memories!  Here at Prehistoric Pets there is a lot of cleaning house going on...a few new animals coming in...a little more progress on the alligator enclosure...and of course, lots of reptilian fun! 

Come visit us and see our vast collection of reptiles, take a picture with a huge snake or lizard, feed the turtles and tortoises, and even hold some of our scaly or prickly creatures!  It's always a blast down at The Reptile Zoo. 

Lots of customers coming in and having a GREAT time! 

Today we are SO busy already, but having so much fun.  The kids are great, and very excited about seeing and touching so many cool things!  Lots of customers coming in to purchase food for their OWN reptiles as well!  Thanks everybody!


There is so much going on, even the ANIMALS are hard at work!! 

Here is Fred, answering your questions on Facebook...

And Bob...letting a customer know that yes, we do have small crickets in stock today.

Good work everyone!


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