This Weeks Deal: Chilean Rose Hair

Hey there Arachnid fans!  This week’s Super Deal is all about our fuzzy fluffy friends, the U.S. pet trade favorite Chilean Rose Haired Tarantula!  Yes, these are pretty basic tarantulas when scouting out your first breed, but that’s just what makes them so special!!

This tarantula has an assorted menu including grass hoppers, crickets, cockroaches and mealworms.  When tarantulas are kept as pets, the best food that can be provided for them are crickets that have been gut loaded on vegetables, this is the best source of hydrated nutrition for the tarantula.  Despite their easy diets, Rose Hairs are quite docile, low maintenance, and inexpensive to own and care for.  Does your Rosy look like it’s doing some kind of super cool kung-fu ninja moves in his tank?  Well as cool as THAT would be, it’s because they are usually skittish, running away from danger rather than acting defensively, but they may also raise their front legs and show their fangs in order to defend themselves.  But it doesn’t stop there!  They also have pinkish colored urticating hairs on their abdomen that they may kick off in their defense, if these hairs were to attach themselves to you, you would experience considerable discomfort for a few days.  Nothing too worrisome of course, but definitely not something to take lightly when first handling your tarantula.  

Already drooling for your first one?  Well you’re in luck!  As mentioned, this week’s deal is on our Rose Hair Tarantulas WITH a starter kit!!! O.O !!!  That’s right, save $$ and come check out the special offer we have for you, complete with Cage, substrate, water dish, hide, publication on your pet AND your TARANTULA of course!  Take advantage of this money saving deal before we are sold out!



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