Two in One!

The Jurassic Fact of the Week comes from our Prehistoric Pet of the Month!  This month's fan favorite is Dennis Hopper, the Crested Gecko!  He is always hanging out at the photo booth in our shop for guests to come hold and pet...and watch him HOP!  Everyone loves him, and he is SO cute, even though he has no tail.  Awwwwwwww.....

Crested Geckos are native to New Caldonia, which is off the coast of Australia.  Like our Dennis Hopper, they love to climb and jump from place to place with their sticky feet, but if they lose their tail they can't grow a new one like a lot of other lizards can.  They make wonderful pets, very tame, and VERY easy to take care of.  They even eat baby food!  They are a great choice for first time herpers, and we DO have babies for sale right now so come check them out!

Here are a few action shots of Dennis Hopper, and some guests enjoying his company.....

So come see our lovable, adorable, fan favorite...Dennis Hopper....the Crested Gecko!

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