UPDATE: Welcome Peanut!

Good day Herpers!

It’s time for another exclusive Reptile Zoo blog, this time we’re keeping it in-store with an update on one of the reptilian families in our zoo.  Our two Monkey Tail Skinks, Simia and Simian, gave birth to a beautiful baby skink named Peanut not too long ago. 

Peanut <3

Peanut is very shy and is rarely seen outside of her hiding spot, luckily, Garrett spotted her ‘hanging out’ on her branch and I was able to snap some photos.  Luckily for Peanut, and unluckily for us, both male and female skinks are known to be territorial and often hostile towards members not a part of their family group, which can make for a difficult photo shoot. =P.

Although Peanut looks small now, she will be able to reach her adult size of 32 inches from nose to the tip of her tail.  As nocturnal animals, they rely heavily on their sense of smell, and use it to identify its territory and other members of its group.  As for that cute little prehensile monkey tail, it helps them maneuver from branch to branch with ease.  In addition to their tail, the legs and feet are well-adapted for climbing in the trees; the toes are long and armed with large, sharp claws that allow them to grip branches!  Pretty neat right?

Come by The Reptile Zoo and check out our Monkey Tail Skink family, hopefully Peanut will be in the mood for another photoshoot!  See you around the shop Herpers and happy hunting!


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