Wanna Party like the dinosaurs did?

I love it when I come in in the morning and a Jurassic Party is about to start!  There is so much excitement!!!!!  It makes the day so happy!  Kids wide eyed with anticipation, standing at the front door (we are open daily from 11-8 except Sundays) about to pop waiting for the presentation to begin!  I'm not quite sure if reptiles get excited, but they certainly seem to move around alot more while waiting for them to start!  If you haven't been to The Reptil Zoo in a while, you should definately come by, we have made more changes to this place than you could ever imagine, and if you are lucky enought o come by while a party is in progress, you will get to see first hand how it all goes down!  The presenter this morning is Nolan (see his bio http://blog.thereptilezoo.com/post/Meet-Nolan!.aspx)  and I am a=watching him run around like a mad man right now getting everything ready so that the party goes off with out a hitch!  They always do though!  We train our presenters from the first day they get here so that every Jurassic Party is better than the next!  They parties really are the most fun thing we do here, and everybody has a birthday right?  if not, you couldnt possibly even be reading this blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So, if you have a birthday on the way, or even if you don't and you just want to get your friends together for an amazing presentation that is educational and super fun!

Hope to see you and hear from you soon! 















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