We are spreading the Love at the Fair!

Well, today seems to be quite the day for couples and families at the OC Fair, and our animals are definitely feeling the vibe! Especially Miss Lucy, our Everglades Rat Snake who began laying her clutch last night. If you recall, we predicted she would lay around 7 eggs? Well, as of now, she is up to 11 eggs and there are still more in there! Wow! This is an event you don't want to miss, so run, don't walk to our booth in Kidland to check out Lucy's growing family today!!! Does anyone want to predict how many eggs we will have? We are now taking guesstimates!

Lucy's not the only one feeling the love, the rest of our animals seem to be pairing off as well! I guess cupid made a suprise visit to The Reptile Zoo???


Hugs and Kisses from the OC Fair!


Just some of Lucy's growing new family!


How many more do you think she's got?!


Fluffy and Phillep the Bearded Dragons getting in some much needed cuddle time.


....And then there's Carol and JoJo the Rose Hair Tarantula....no words can describe the love they share...

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